PEVoC14 Tutorial Webinar : 21 aout 2021 – ONLINE

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PEVoC14 Tutorial Webinar

Saturday, 21 August, 2021

Johan Sundberg “Singers’ and nonsingers’ voice source”
Ruth Epstein “Breaking barriers: meeting the challenge of Covid-19 in voice therapy”
Antoine Giovanni “Droplets dissemination and oral air flow velocity in Voice and Speech. New data and new numerical simulations. A joint experiment in Marseille.”
Markus Hess “Male-to-female voice feminisation surgery”
David Howard “About the perceptual features in singing”
Boris Kleber “Neural correlates of musical improvisation in singers”
Filipa Lã “Real-time visual feedback of physiological events in singing: possible applications in the voice studio”
Dirk Mürbe “Aerosol emission and risk management strategies: choir singing during the CoVID pandemic”
Jurjaan Snellman “Dysfunction of the cricopharyngeus muscle, a new diagnosis”
Jan Svec “The insights to the myoelastic-aerodynamic theory and acoustics of phonation”
Virgilijus Uloza “VoiceScreen – take care of your voice through the smartphone”
PEVoC14 Tutorial Webinar : 21 aout 2021 – ONLINE

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