CoMeT Annual Conference 2020 : 3-4 septembre 2020 – Leeds (ANGLETERRE) ANNULE

Collegium Medicorum Theatri (CoMeT) is composed of voice professionals from different cities of the world, connected with major theatres, operas, or conservatoires. The organization seeks to encourage scientific investigation, further clinical studies, exchange knowledge and ideas and develop educational activities in the field of professional voice care medicine.

CoMeT was founded in 1969 and its founding members included representatives from the USA, England, Italy, Japan, Germany, Spain, Argentina, Mexico and France.

The organisation has slowly grown over the years but still maintains its initial focus as an organization of physicians, scientists, voice coaches, and voice pathologists with a special interest in the voice of singers and actors.

CoMeT celebrated its 50th Anniversary year with a special session in Philadelphia in association with the Voice Foundation meeting and with a sessional meeting in Copenhagen in association with PEVoC. It is proud to be partnering with the British Voice Association (BVA) and their Choice For Voice event for their next meeting in September 2020.

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Date: Thursday, 3 September, 2020 to Friday, 4 September, 2020
Location: Leeds College of Music
CoMeT Annual Conference 2020 : 3-4 septembre 2020 – Leeds (ANGLETERRE) ANNULE

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