1st Course in Voice and Pulmonary Rehabilitation after laryngectomy : 26-27 avril 2019 – Luxembourg (LUXEMBOURG)

1st Luxembourg Course in Voice and Pulmonary Rehabilitation after Total Laryngectomy




Friday, April 26


11.30 Registration and lunch

13.00 Welcome – Marc Remacle , CHL Luxembourg

13.10. 40 years after…A little bit of history Marc Remacle CHL, Luxembourg

13.40 Esophageal and Tracheoesophageal voice How to make it faster and more efficient

14.00 Primary and secondary setting Peter Kress, Trier, Germany

How? When ? Why?

Respective indications


15.00 Coffe-break

15.30 Voice prosthesis   Aniel Sewnaik, Rianne Vermeij, EMC Rotterdam

What are the contra-indications ?

16.00 What prosthesis to chose ? Aniel Sewnaik , Nurse Rianne EMC Rotterdam

16.30 Setting the HME

17.00 Adjourn – Welcome drink

19.00 Dinner



Saturday, April 27


07.30 Registration and breakfast

08.00 Dealing with problems and complications- From the minor to the major. Georges Lawson, UCL – CHU Namur

  • Leakage
  • The tractus
  • Superinfection
  • Too much of reflux
  • Hypertonicity…
  • The failures of voice prosthesis rehabilitation

09.00 Pulmonary function after Total LaryngectomyPauline Janssen EMC Rotterdam

  • How to protect it
  • How to improve

10.00 Coffee –break

10.30 Prosthesis on order – The special ones. Sebastien Vandervorst UCL-CHU Namur

  • When and why

11.30 Enjoying life

  • How to take a shower
  • How to swim
  • How to sing
  • What about my partner

12.00 Lunch

13.00 Workshops


The Doctors’ corner

Peter Kress, Trier, Germany

Aniel Sewnaik, Rianne Vermeij

EMC Rotterdam,

Marc Remacle CHL, Luxembourg

  • Voice prosthesis placement and replacement
  • Small leakages around the prosthesis : fat? Renu? Hyaluronic acid
  • Larytube : multiple fenestrations or one window
  • Sternohyoid muscles: when to cut them and how
  • Reshaping the stoma
  • Closing a fistula – How difficult it is
  • What I would like to have


The Speech therapist’ corner   Pauline Janssen EMC Rotterdam, Laetitia Welsch CHL, Luxembourg

  • How to inform the patient
  • Men and women : a different approach?
  • How to proceed during the healing time
    • Writing
    • Computer
  • How to train the patient
  • Fitting of adhesive baseplates and HME


15.00 Conclusions and closing













1st Course in Voice and Pulmonary Rehabilitation after laryngectomy : 26-27 avril 2019 – Luxembourg (LUXEMBOURG)

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